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babysitters101 is the sister community to babysitters100. This community is designed for those writing BSC fanfiction. If you have any questions about characters, particular books or events, you can ask here in order to make sure you get the details right in your fic.

There aren't really any rules - just please make sure that you're asking questions for the sake of your fanfiction works. Any other discussions or questions should go to the major community in the fandom, babysittersclub.

Also, this is not a community to post finished works in. Finished works should go to bsc_fiction, bsc_fanfiction or, if you're part of the prompt challenge, babysitters100.

You may advertise or request beta services here.

This is not a sporking community or a place to post reviews, comments or quotes from other fanfictions. This is purely a question and answer community, with canon discussions for The Baby-sitters Club and its related series.

Discussion of the TV series and the movie is welcome if that is the canon you're setting your fic by.


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